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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

Ben Finney writes ("Re: Forwarding bugs upstream"):
> Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
> > But if a maintainer tells me "please go and talk to them yourself" or
> > even "please stop filing these kind of upstream bugs in Debian - you
> > know how to do it yourself upstream and I have enough to do already"
> > then that's a wish I would respect.
> As would I; but, as stated earlier, often the only way I can feasibly
> respect such a wish is not to report such bugs at all.

Perhaps so.  In that case those bugs won't get reported.  That's fine.

If I and the maintainer both think that it's not worth our own time
fighting upstream's bug system or ornery maintainers or disorganised
email swamp or whatever, then we should go and do something else more
useful - and less frustrating!

>From a purely optimisation point of view I can see the argument that
maintainers have an advantage in dealing with upstream, because of the
costs of getting to know how things work, setting up accounts, etc.
But on the other hand as a rule of thumb the maintainer's time is more
scarce than that of an individual bug submitter.  So a tradeoff which
saves maintainer time, even at the cost of a bigger amount of of
submitters' time, can well be sensible.

Remember: there is no shortage of bug reports.


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