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Re: DiscussionsAfterSqueeze [ Was: how to communicate removals ]

On Sun, Jan 09, 2011 at 05:03:46PM +0100, Christian PERRIER wrote:
> Quoting Stefano Zacchiroli (leader@debian.org):
> > varying degrees of flame-ness. Also, still IIRC, the release team has
> > already acknowledged that they intend to work on improving various
> > aspects of the release process, including communication, for the next
> > release cycle.  What is then the point of recurrently bringing up this

Actually, maybe one factor of the issue is that we are waiting for
$release to be released to start worrying about $release + 1. But I do
understand that there may not be enough manpower for that. Or maybe it's
just a lack of infrastructure.

> IMHO, communication has been really good by the release team, for this
> release cycle. I think that most experienced DDs (those who have lived
> 1 or 2 releases already) have been well aware of what to do and what
> to not do during the last 6 months. Which leaves enough room to help
> less experienced DDs about the same.
> So, well, I'm not sure that a big work on communication during the
> release process is that needed. I would say, for wheezy, "just do it
> as you did for squeeze and we'll be fine".

It looks like you forgot what was happening before 6 months ago, which
we should really not be reproducing. (and here, mostly, I'm thinking
about the time-based freezed announced for december... 2009).


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