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before starting ...

1st place, sorry by my english, i expected be understood :-)

i wanna be future DM so have to get some things before right!?, i read it many docs before start like debian policy, the machine, and the others
and now have to always tab the guide-maint, to see all steps, have the gpg sign key at subkeys.gpg.net and made account at mentors

but have some questions to prepare the build enviroment.

1. i have amd64 debian installed in the laptop, what's happend here if i adopt the 1st package to start? it's will be created only for amd64 or have to install ia32 to mantain the packages ori into i386?

2. i'm suscribe to debian-devel, debian-amd64, debian-mentors, and others like security and user but in 3 1st list where i ask to obtain help specifically for build package? or packages keeping made in arch orig extrict?

3. if i like some orphaned package, to start mantain and the upstream author won't will be devel , and it's wrote in C can i do this options?
   3.1 can't continues upload the package because for me no exist more new versions to packages and have to select other ones
   3.2 i can rewrite in other language for example python, build and upload again, and in this time keep existing

or have for better secure enviroment have my amd64 system and virtualize a machine as i386 and do the builds into?

thanxs for advice


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