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Re: debconf translations broken in multiple packages

Quoting Julien Cristau (jcristau@debian.org):
> Hi,
> recent versions of mutt convert attachments to their declared charset
> when saving them to disk (bug#537061).  In particular, this means that a
> file with non-ascii characters, but wrongly sent with charset=us-ascii,
> would be converted to ascii on saving, replacing all non-ascii
> characters with question marks.
> This has interesting consequences, like bug#609624
> (http://ikibiki.org/~kibi/greek.png).
> I ran a quick grep in the lintian lab for all debian/po/*.po files,
> which are the most obvious victims of this bug for debian packages.
> Affected source package / version / po file are:

Many of these packages errors are direct or indirect consequences of
my l10n work during the lenny-squeeze release cycle.

Direct when the last uploaded version is an NMU of mine..

Indirect when a maintainer uploaded after I prodded him|her and sent a

Would it be OK for the release team if packages fixing these encoding
errors are uploaded? I may try to at least correct some of them (those
I NMU'ed).

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