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Re: Bug#566126: ITP: openpgm -- Implementation of the Pragmatic General Multicast protocol

Hi Steven,

On Thursday 13 January 2011 13.18:58 Steven McCoy wrote:

>   A year later and I have a basic Autoconf/Automake system in trunk for
> OpenPGM ready to package for Debian.

Nice to see progress, note that I'm not involved in zeromq packaging anymore 
(except to sponsor the odd upload) because I didn't follow up on my plans to 
do cool stuff with zeromq.  So my interest on getting involved in openpgm 
packaging is similarly limited at this time.

Still, it would obviously be nice to have openpgm available in Debian, so 
maybe somebody else is interested in working with you on this and/or sponsor 
your upload.

-- vbi

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