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Bug#610623: ITP: nlopt -- nonlinear optimization library

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Christophe Trophime <christophe.trophime@grenoble.cnrs.fr>

* Package name    : nlopt
  Version         : 2.2.1
  Upstream Author : Steven G. Johnson <stevenj@alum.mit.edu>
* URL             : http://ab-initio.mit.edu/wiki/index.php/NLopt
* License         : LGPL
  Programming Lang: C, C++, Python, octave
  Description     : nonlinear optimization library

 NLopt is a free/open-source library for nonlinear optimization, providing
 a common interface for a number of different free optimization routines
 available online as well as original implementations of various other
 algorithms. Its features include:

    * Callable from C, C++, Fortran, GNU Octave, Python, GNU Guile, GNU R.
    * A common interface for many different algorithms
    * Support for large-scale optimization.
    * Both global and local optimization algorithms.
    * Algorithms using function values only (derivative-free) and also
    algorithms exploiting user-supplied gradients.
    * Algorithms for unconstrained optimization, bound-constrained
    and general nonlinear inequality/equality constraints.

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