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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

Hi, Sune:

On Thursday 13 January 2011 00:12:06 Sune Vuorela wrote:
> On 2011-01-12, Jesús M. Navarro <jesus.navarro@undominio.net> wrote:
> >> I have considered to take this one step further. Close bugs reported in
> >> Debian BTS with a severity of important or less that is a bug that
> >> should primarily be fixed upstream.
> >
> > Will this mean that the problem will somehow disappear from Debian? 
> > Because if it's a problem detected within Debian it's my feeling that it
> > will have to be tracked within Debian till the problem is in Debian no
> > more.
> No. but it is a way to be honest about teh issue: We are not spending
> debian time on fixing it.

Then tag is as such.  It is quite good to be honest: if you are not going to 
deal with it, plainly say so, no problem.  But *don't* close them as long as 
the problem is still there.

> >> Currently, the debian Qt/KDE team has around 800 open, non-forwarded
> >> bugs reported against their packages. I would guess that maybe 20 of
> >> them is packaging issues. But we can't find them.
> >
> > Start one at a time.
> With more bugs arriving than we are able to close?

Start one at a time.

Your end-year bonus won't suffer if your Debian's bug queue is longer by then, 
will it?

If your problem is too short of a workforce don't be ashamed of it and be 
honest enough for the bug queue to grow as it should.

> > 4) It's not my problem that you lack the time, really.  And no, that you
> > are not paid for it it's no excuse either.
> > Maybe it's that you lack the time for the *boring* side of the task or
> > maybe it's that you really don't have the time.  In the first case resign
> > as a debian maintainer; in the second one orphan the package.  Debian is
> > proud to
> Dear Jesus. Are you seriously saying that
>  - the kernel mainatiners should step down
>  - the xorg maintainers should step down
>  - the mozilla maintainers should step down
>  - the gnome maintainers should step down
>  - the kde maintainers should step down
>  - the xfce maintainers should step down
>  - the openoffice/libre office maintainers should step down

If they are not ready to take over their shoulders what it takes to do it 
properly, undoubtly yes.  If that means that Debian project becomes 
irrelevant so be it because gaming the statistics for the project to look 
what it in fact is not, already means exactly the same only it deludes it 
users... for a while.

Please pay attention that I said *if*.  That doesn't mean neither an 
endorsement nor a beliveness from my side that that's current situation (I'm 
far of thinking so, in fact, or else I wouldn't be expending my time here).

> And who do you think should step up ?

Not my problem.
Sorry if I sound harsh but please think about it coldly and you'll see that's 
in fact the proper response: if nobody is really up to the task, then the 
task should be abandoned.

(This message sounded much more negative than both my mood and my real 
intention wanted to, but I found no other way to send the message I wanted to 
send.  Sorry in advance).


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