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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

As new (sponsored) mantainer i have a few things to say about this thread.

First of all. If i receive a bug report, i do my best to handle it in the rigth way, i am in contact with upstream author and fortunately i have no bugs in my package. I personally don't care to forward bugs to upstream.   But i only mantain one package, and it's very simple to handle it.

But  i am also debian user (looks like some people forgets that DD, DM, and Contributors are also debian users),  and as a RESPONSIBLE user i also try to report the bugs i found where they belong.

Someone has said that this is comunity project and colaborate is the only way to handle it. Yes, BUT, again, some people think that only DD, DM, and Contributors have to colaborate and not only that, it seems that they are ONLY there to provide a service to the user.

If this is really a comunity everyone has to do his little effort.  Not only DD or DM.

I can underestand Jesus in a way, because time ago i received what i think it was a despective and bad response from a mantainer when i asked some help to adopt one of his packages.  But I also have received good words and a lot of help from others (one of them has responsed to this thread).

I used to be a really active member of forums but i get tired because i felt that users tend to use forums as a Service of attention to the client instead of a place to exchange knowledge.  I see now that it is not only a forums issue. 

2011/1/14 Sune Vuorela <nospam@vuorela.dk>

Hi Andreas. Would you like to be delegated to help reporting bugs in
packages maintained by Qt/KDE team upstream?


I would be glad if i could help you in that (or any) way sune.  Unfortunately mi knowledge is not good enough as i would like to,  but anyway feel free to CC me some bugs and i'll see if i am ready enough to help in that way.


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