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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

On 2011-01-12, Jesús M. Navarro <jesus.navarro@undominio.net> wrote:
>> I have considered to take this one step further. Close bugs reported in
>> Debian BTS with a severity of important or less that is a bug that
>> should primarily be fixed upstream.
> Will this mean that the problem will somehow disappear from Debian?  Because 
> if it's a problem detected within Debian it's my feeling that it will have to 
> be tracked within Debian till the problem is in Debian no more.

No. but it is a way to be honest about teh issue: We are not spending
debian time on fixing it.

>> Currently, the debian Qt/KDE team has around 800 open, non-forwarded
>> bugs reported against their packages. I would guess that maybe 20 of
>> them is packaging issues. But we can't find them.
> Start one at a time.

With more bugs arriving than we are able to close?

> 4) It's not my problem that you lack the time, really.  And no, that you are 
> not paid for it it's no excuse either.
> Maybe it's that you lack the time for the *boring* side of the task or maybe 
> it's that you really don't have the time.  In the first case resign as a 
> debian maintainer; in the second one orphan the package.  Debian is proud to 

Dear Jesus. Are you seriously saying that
 - the kernel mainatiners should step down
 - the xorg maintainers should step down
 - the mozilla maintainers should step down
 - the gnome maintainers should step down
 - the kde maintainers should step down
 - the xfce maintainers should step down
 - the openoffice/libre office maintainers should step down
 - ...

And who do you think should step up ?


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