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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

On Thu, 13 Jan 2011, Ben Finney wrote:
> But if they do refuse, then to what extent is that person
> accomplishing the maintainer role?

To the greatest extent they can, which is what all of us do. I don't
believe any maintainer is going to stand in the way of anyone who
wants to help triage their bugs and manage reporting them upstream. I
believe everyone thinks that having any bugs which are not personally
handled is suboptimal, but we are limited by person-hours; every
maintainer that I have personally spoken to about this issue who has
to ask for users to forward the bugs themselves would gladly accept
assistance from someone to do it for them.

I personally would love to see patches to the BTS to enable forwarding
these kinds of bug reports to upstreams more easily and integrate
everything tightly with the BTS. Unfortunately, I am perpetually short
of time to implement them myself, as excellent as I am certain they
would be.

Don Armstrong

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I just didn't think them through.
 -- a softer world #388

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