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Re: Equivalent packages between Linux distributions

On Wednesday 19 January 2011 00.54:44 Silvio Cesare wrote:
> I have generated a list of roughly equivalent packages between Linux
> distributions (currently Debian 5 and Fedora 13). The list is
> automatically generated.


Maybe I have missed a pointer or whatever: how did you compute this 
similarity? Number of identical files?  Or filenames?

I was just wondering: GSoC project: 
 * run this after every release of a major distribution
 * add this info to aptitude/... : if I install a package that doesn't 
exist, add this to the search database (not sure what aptitude looks at 
right now, exactly, but it already has the infrastructure for proposing a 
package if the given name doesn't exist.)

But please make this optional, on small systems apt already is only barely 

-- vbi

to debug such lockups in the future you can do:
NOTE: dont use the keyboard in this mode for too long, it can lock up.
        -- Ingo Molnar, lkml

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