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binNMU for Arch: all packages.


In the Debian Haskell Group we are with the following problem.  When the
compiler (ghc) is updated, we binNMU all the stack of libraries to make them
compiled with the new compiler.  Each library has the documentation in a -doc
package, which is Arch: all.  This documentation is generated automatically
from the source code, using a documentation generator called haddock.  Haddock
is part of the compiler and is also updated when the ghc is.  It would be
good to regenerate the documentation for each library too, when a new ghc

This seems to be a use case for binNMUs in Arch: all packages.  Is there any
reason for why it's not possible to binNMU Arch: all packages?  Do you have a
suggestion of procedure that would solve this problem?

Note that compiler updates is not such a rarely thing, and that the stack
contains about 200 packages now.

Thanks in advance.

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