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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

Don Armstrong writes ("Re: Forwarding bugs upstream"):
> I personally would love to see patches to the BTS to enable forwarding
> these kinds of bug reports to upstreams more easily and integrate
> everything tightly with the BTS. Unfortunately, I am perpetually short
> of time to implement them myself, as excellent as I am certain they
> would be.

That would be a very nice feature for our BTS to have.  BUT any such
feature should only be enabled with respect to an upstream BTS after
discussion with and approval from the relevant upstream.

As we can see from this and previous discussions: how easy to make it
to file bugs, who can file them, how they get to be filed, and so on,
are things that people care about and have strong opinions about.
Different projects have different cultural and technical expectations.

Anecdote: while I was employed by Canonical I had to dissuade some of
my colleagues from implementing and deploying, without consent from
Debian, a feature in Launchpad that would automatically file
corresponding bug reports in the Debian BTS.  I expressed the view
that doing so would be considered abuse by the Debian BTS admins and
would probably result in some emergency ad-hoc wholesale blocking of
Launchpad's access to Debian infrastructure.  Not to mention an
absolutely enormous flamewar.

To all of us that would obviously have been a really bad idea.  
Let us be careful not to do to our upstreams what we don't want our
downstreams to do to us.


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