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Re: DEP5 CANDIDATE parser/editor/validator/migrator is released in libconfig-model-perl

On Thursday 13 January 2011 22:27:02 Joey Hess wrote:
> Thanks for your work, here are a few things I stumbled on.

Thanks for trying and reporting issues :-)

> Worst problem: -save *removes* all Comment fields except for one
> in the header section.

Looks like I messed up the routine that transform a file written with dpkg 
syntax into a data structure (list of list). I'm working on it.

> Also, -save converted in the header "Disclaimer:\n Foo" into "Disclaimer:
> Foo". If I'm reading DEP-5 right, that's not correct, the Disclaimer is
> not supposed to have a synopsis. That is also done for a Comment field in
> the header section.
> Also, note that "Comment: foo" is not flagged as a problem (despite
> being apparently illegal -- DEP-5 puzzlingly does not allow a comment
> to have a synopsis).

Now that I have finally understood this notion of synopsis, I can fix these 

> With -save, two trailing license blocks with identical content got
> reordered, which was surprising. 

Licences sections are written back using an alphabetical sort of the short 
licence names.

> (I dislike that DEP-5 seems to require
> I duplicate content here; I considered making the second block say "See
> above", but it seems likely it could be presented out of order by some
> future tool.)

Actually, the full text of GPL-2 and GPL-2+ should be slightly different. The 
latter should mention something like "version 2 or above". From a legal point 
of view, I guess that point should be spelled out explicitly and not only 
implied by the "+" at the end of the short name. 

But this point is more Lars' territory than mine ;-)

> The following seemed to be caused by a Comment field at the end of a
> section. I had to move it to above the License field.

That was a bug in dpkg parser. This is fixed now (well, on my laptop...)

> Missing 'Files:' specification at top of section number 4. Adding 'Files:
> *' spec Configuration item 'Files:* License short_name' has a wrong value:
> license other is not declared in main Licence section. Expected GPL-2
> GPL-2+ zsh: exit 25    config-edit -application dpkg-copyright -ui none
> -save

Since the license short names are a fuzzy moving target, I'm more and more 
tempted to drop the warning in case of unknown keyword. 

> Unfortunatly I didn't preserve the input that caused this crash:
> joey@gnu:~/src/moreutils>config-edit -application dpkg-copyright -ui none
> You should install Config::Model::TkUI or Config::Model::CursesUI for a
> more friendly user interface Can't call method "fetch_element" on an
> undefined value at
> /usr/share/perl5/Config/Model/Backend/Debian/Dpkg/Copyright.pm line 111.

This is probably due to the dpkg parser problem. We'll see if this problem 
happens again. 

All the best

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