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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

On 01/12/2011 05:59 PM, Ben Finney wrote:

Rather, I'm arguing that the maintainer role, as a mediator and
interface between upstream and the Debian user, entails a whole lot of
different tasks, and being a mediator in the discussion between
upstream-who-doesn't-care-about-Debian-specifically and
Debian-user-with-a-bug-report is part of that role.

That's a good point, and I actually agree with that. But I (think) I disagree on how it necessarily is implemented. In other words, I would be happy to point the submitter to the upstream BTS, send them a paragraph to cut and paste into their report that contains anything relevant from the Debian perspective, and leave them with a promise to be willing to get involved should anyone think I need to be. That part does add value. Copying and pasting conversations back and forth doesn't.

- John

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