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Re: DiscussionsAfterSqueeze [ Was: how to communicate removals ]

Quoting Stefano Zacchiroli (leader@debian.org):

> varying degrees of flame-ness. Also, still IIRC, the release team has
> already acknowledged that they intend to work on improving various
> aspects of the release process, including communication, for the next
> release cycle.  What is then the point of recurrently bringing up this

IMHO, communication has been really good by the release team, for this
release cycle. I think that most experienced DDs (those who have lived
1 or 2 releases already) have been well aware of what to do and what
to not do during the last 6 months. Which leaves enough room to help
less experienced DDs about the same.

So, well, I'm not sure that a big work on communication during the
release process is that needed. I would say, for wheezy, "just do it
as you did for squeeze and we'll be fine".

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