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Re: Forwarding bugs upstream

[Jesús M. Navarro]
> If any, bugs you (properly) pass to the upstream developer are bugs
> that will cost you not a dime of your valuable time from them on.

You didn't read the rest of the thread, did you?

> If you understand what I said, good; if you didn't, please, make me
> the honour of considering me as an authority and act accordingly


> If you don't like our parties, you are free not to come here.  In
> other words: if you find Bacula to be too hard a package to deal with
> you are free to orphan it.

Why is it that none of the people who keep calling for everyone to
orphan their packages because they're not taking on enough of what a
maintainer is supposed to do, seem to be stepping up to maintain,
co-maintain, or otherwise help out with these packages that are
apparently so poorly maintained?
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