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Forwarding bugs upstream

I've noticed a trend lately that I am often asked to forward the bugs I
report to the Debian BTS upstream, either by the maintainers or
automatically by a bug script.  I believe, and I continue to believe,
that maintainers should forward bugs upstream instead of requiring (or
strongly encouraging) users to do so.

I understand that maintainers' time is limited and that forwarding bugs
is not an enjoyable task.  But I also understand that having a BTS
account for the upstream BTS of each of the 2405 packages I have
installed on my laptop (not to mention my other machines) is simply not
practical.  I also don't have the benefit of the rapport that a
maintainer has with upstream and knowledge of upstream practices.

I try very hard to make my bug reports simple, clear, and well-defined
(often with testcases) to make it easier for them to be forwarded and
fixed, and if they're not, I'm happy to clarify or test so that they can
be.  And I try to submit patches as my time and abilities permit.  If it
happens that I need to be added to the CC list of the upstream bug
report to assist in fixing it, I'm usually fine with that if asked.

To clarify, this is not in reference to any particular package or
maintainer; it's just something I've noticed and wanted to bring up.

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