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Re: Bug#608922: ITP: matlab -- integrate local Matlab installations into the Debian system

Michael Hanke <mih@debian.org> (04/01/2011):
> The likelihood of Debian having a package that actually provides
> matlab seems to be rather low. If it ever happens this package would
> be obsolete and could be removed.

Then there should be no matlab package, at all.

> I assume you want to point to the problem of some people having
> matlab packages that actually contain the binaries, right? How does
> Debian deal with this issue? Could we have a 'skype' package?

No. When I install “foo”, I expect “foo” to be installed after the
dpkg run, regardless of what “foo” is. Except if I'm installing
something labelled explicitly as being an installer.

> What name do you suggest? Maybe 'matlab-package'?


That seems to match a bunch of packages at least, see:
$ apt-cache search -- -installer$


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