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devel files and libraries in /lib

Happy new year everyone.

First of all, thanks Andreas and Jonas for getting libgcrypt and libgpg-error
updated and moved to /lib.

There is one remaining issue though about the devel files, I'd like to raise.

For both libgpg-error-dev and libgcrypt11-dev you moved the .so symlink ,the *.a
and *.la libtool files to /lib too.

My original patch [1] for libcryptsetup (#604936) handled this diffently. It
only moved the *.so.* files to /lib and kept all devel related files in
/usr/lib. This looked like the right way to me.

Afaicr I've never seen this documentented somewhere to do it this way and I'm
wondering if this is indeed the agreed upon best practice and if we should
document it somehow (policy, devref, whatever).



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