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Re: DEP5 CANDIDATE parser/editor/validator/migrator is released in libconfig-model-perl

On Thursday 13 January 2011 15:06:56 Picca Frédéric-Emmanuel wrote:
> Here the messages I got when checking my guidata package (already in the
> new queue)
> picca at grisette:~/Debian/guidata/guidata$ config-edit -application dpkg-copyright -ui none
> You should install Config::Model::TkUI or
> Config::Model::CursesUI for a more friendly user interface 

Note to self: suppress this warning when -ui is none 

> Warning in
> 'License': key 'CeCILLv2' should match
> ^(?i:Apache|Artistic|BSD|FreeBSD|ISC|CC-BY|CC-BY-SA|CC-BY-ND|CC-BY-NC|CC-B
> IT|MPL|Perl|PSF|QPL|W3C-Software|ZLIB|Zope)[\d\.\-]*\+?$

Note that this message is just a warning.

> Element 'Format-Specification' of node 'Debian::Dpkg::Copyright' is
> deprecated

This warning is normal when migrating older copyright files

> In configuration root: (function 'create_element') unknown
> element 'Upstream-Author' (configuration class 'Debian::Dpkg::Copyright')

This one is more problematic and is the real cause of config-edit failure. 
That's one of the older keywords I did not know about. I will add it as a 
deprecated parameter for the next release. Its content will then be moved
to Upstream-Contact parameter.

In the meantime, you can shoudl update this parameter with your favorite editor.

> Expected:
> 'Format','Upstream-Name','Upstream-Contact','Source','Disclaimer','Comment
> ','Copyright','Files','License','Format-Specification','Name','Maintainer',
> 'Upstream-Maintainer','Upstream-Source' or an acceptable parameter matching
> 'X-.*'
> So it seems that the CeCILLv2 licence (sort of french GPL licence) [1] is
> unknown of your software:) Add thoses licences to the licences keys whould
> be a good things ?. At the end how many licences keys ?

DEP5 model knows the list of keywords specified in DEP5 [1], which are the most 
commonly used. There's currently a long thread in debian-project list about 
managing the license keywords.

In your case, either this keyword must be added to the list in 
DEP5 or you can choose to ignore the warning. 

Thanks for trying config-model and for your feedback :-)

[1] http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/#index6h1
    In theory. In practice, I've just noticed that my list of licence keywords is not 
    accurate :-/ I'll fix this ASAP.

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