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Re: Directories named after packages

On 10/01/2011 22:52, Frank Küster wrote:
> Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org> wrote:
>> 3. Historic/Upstream choice (?): /usr/share/doc/texmf
>>    (Several TeX packages uses this.)
> That's old-fashioned (or, well, obsolete).
> I think (without looking at code or our sub-policy) this should be a
> symlink to /usr/share/texmf/doc - and TeX packages should make sure
> their documentation is findable both in /usr/share/doc/package (for
> Debian Policy) and /usr/share/texmf/doc (for the TeX tools).  
> If one package installs it as a directory, might files from other
> packages also be installed there?

On my system:
vdanjean@eyak:~$ ls -ld /usr/share/texmf/doc
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 15 déc.   2009 /usr/share/texmf/doc -> ../doc/texmf

This symlink should have been created by a Debian package, probably
vdanjean@eyak:~$ dlocate /usr/share/texmf/doc
tex-common: /usr/share/texmf/doc
vdanjean@eyak:~$ dlocate /usr/share/doc/texmf
[lots of packages]


> Regards, Frank

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