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Re: debconf translations broken in multiple packages

Quoting Christian PERRIER (bubulle@debian.org):

> Many of these packages errors are direct or indirect consequences of
> my l10n work during the lenny-squeeze release cycle.
> Direct when the last uploaded version is an NMU of mine..
> Indirect when a maintainer uploaded after I prodded him|her and sent a
> patch
> Would it be OK for the release team if packages fixing these encoding
> errors are uploaded? I may try to at least correct some of them (those
> I NMU'ed).

I have ready NMUs for most of the affeted packages. I can upload them

I'm aware that, as of now, these problems haven't been reported as
bugs (not has it been discussed that these bugs are RC or not), so the
various maintainers might be surprised to be NMU'ed without warning
(though several of these packages are not very actively maitnained)

The only changes in all these packages are the fixed
debian/po/<foo>.po file and the relevant changelog entry.

Waiting for a GO from the release team for these uploads.


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