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Re: devel files and libraries in /lib

On 01.01.2011 17:58, Jonas Meurer wrote:

> Thus I guess the following is best practise:
> - build with --prefix=/usr
> - install .la file (if required due to reverse dependencies) and .so
>   link to /usr/lib (just like the build system will do)

I would add, that if there are no rdeps yet of this library and the package
ships a pkg-config file, I wouldn't install the *.la file at all.

> - install .so.X.X.X library file and .so.X link to /lib (other than the
>   build system does)

Please note here, that you need to "fix" the *.so symlink if you build with
--prefix=/usr and move the libfoo.so.* files to /lib, as the libfoo.so symlink
will point to the libfoo.so.* file in the same directory.

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