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164sx PROBLEMS alpha boot Re: Alpha Jensen Install Re: AS1000A hardware issues... Bizarre fdisk/mke2fs behaviour boot command from cdrom Re: Broken Packages Bug in 3c59x driver for alpha? bug-report? bugs: dynamic libraries, xconsole, xdm Compiler question compiler-options? current postgres/how stable unstable Debian Alpha install CD ignoring QLogic 2200 card ? dh_suidregister bugs Driver disk series Ext-3 on Alpha - experience sought... Fixed man-db for potato available (was: sshd no longer accepts connections) Re: Galeon on Alpha works! help needed to boot 2.4.1 kernel on SRM-based system java development on alpha Re: Jensen kernel 2.2.18 and parport Kernel 2.4.1 kernel-image-2.2.19pre13-generic and klogd libgtk1.2 is broken Looking for Debian Alpha fpu_control.h file Re: m68k buildd presents significant problem for non-us and testing miata DMA bug more xdm weirdness Need a copy of /sbin/termwrap Need help identifing a MB. nfs Problem Re: Problems booting Jensen Question on SETI software... questions about upgrading to glibc-2.2 and xfree86-4.0 Second NIC on Alpha XLT-300 signal 4 & 11, what to do? sshd no longer accepts connections sshd problem Text mode resolution and ARC weirdness Re: trouble booting 2.4.2 kernel--almost! Re: trouble booting 2.4.2 kernel--could it be ? Re: trouble booting 2.4.2 kernel--could it be ? It is not to be! trouble booting v2.4.1 of the kernel upgrading packages weird error messages Why use an Alpha Why wouldn't gcc release build on Alpha ? XAnim & plugins xdm The last update was on 06:23 GMT Sun May 12. There are 200 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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