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Re: Alpha Jensen Install

Hi Cyryl,

I think that is the place where modules are useful. So one generic kernel
and a complete set of modularized drivers should get everybody
installed. And after that everybody should compile his own kernel. (And
be it only for the educational value...)
	That scheme suffers from one malady though, it won't work on
jensen/culzen type machines. The exact symptom is a hang during the kernel
boot up directly after the kswapd or parport message.
	So a every distribution should contain one generic kernel for the
rest and one specific kernel for jensens. And since (AFAIK) only the AHA
1742 is supported as boot-up scsi adapter in srm (please correct me if I
am wrong here) it would be a good thing to put it 'monolithicly' in the

	Sebastian Moeller

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, cyryl wrote:

> Thanks. Finally I succeded. But i didn't use the debian-cdrom. Kernel on
> that cdrom is broken on Jensen and and even after instalation and chosing
> right kernel it has no support for AHA174 compiled so it's unusable for me.
> Thank's god i had a 3 mb kernel for jensen with compiled in everything :-).
> But don't you think that coul'd be usefull if all cdroms has kernels for
> each subarch with compiled in all drivers? It would make things much more
> simple
> Cyryl
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