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Re: current postgres/how stable unstable

On Fri 23 Feb 2001, Helge Kreutzmann wrote:

> Question:
> Is there a way to just upgrade postgres or do I have to go completely
> to unstable ? (On an redhat system I would grab the *srpm and try a
> rpm --rebuild. Is there something simmilar in debian ? Pointers to
> package building in debian very welcome).

There's something in apt that will download the source and build it,
but I usually just let apt download it:

	apt-get source postgres

and then build it myself:

	cd postgres-7.whatever
	dpkg-buildpackage -uc -b -rfakeroot

> While the first question is a little OT I know the second aint:
> How "unstable" is unstable currently on alpha ?

The issues I currently can think of are:

- sshd won't properly allow incoming connections
- xdm seems to take a lot of time before doing anything
- issues with libgtk1.2 giving problems with apps linked to it,
  although the situation there isn't clear yet

Hmm, anything else? It's not that bad actually.

Paul Slootman
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