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Re: Debian Alpha install CD ignoring QLogic 2200 card ?


Thanks for you answers !

My machine is SX. Yeah, it's not very well suited perhaps,
with video/network/SCSI and now QLA I don't have any PCI
slots left :-(
400 GB is a huge array :-) ! You must be using 73 Gig drives ?
I'm hoping to get a few 73 Gig Seagates for my enclosure.
I wonder do you have Quantum, IBM or Seagate drives ? Would
be interesting to compare them between each other one day.

I found QLA2200 Series
                               - Software Installation Guide
                               - Hardware Installation Guide
at http://www.qlogic.com/techsupport/documentation.html
and I hope that their description of installation for Redhat
(reading it now) will work with Debian too.



> Sorry, source yes, there's no Alpha binary I've ever found. As for
> experiences, can I ask what type of machine you're putting it into? I've
> run it pretty heavily, I've got about 400Gig of software RAID-0 running
> as a news server on one of these. The only problem we found was that the
> driver (as qlogic shipped it) doesn't properly handle being on the 2nd PCI
> bus.
> --rdp

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