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Re: sshd no longer accepts connections

On Wed 14 Feb 2001, Jon Leonard wrote:
> > 
> > The point is that potato is "stable", meaning nothing really gets
> > changed there.
> > Aargh, man-db got installed as a security-fix a couple of days
> > ago. Whoever Somehow the alpha package must have been botched
> > (the i386 package is OK).  I'll have a look at fixing this for
> > potato.
> Maybe there needs to be a policy discussion on what to do with obviously
> broken security updates?  It seems to me that a system where the admin
> can't use man may be some sort of security risk all by itself.

Fixing a broken security update shouldn't be a problem.
Now to figure out where to upload it to... (it's already uploaded
to the normal archive for stable, now it needs to make its way to

> Maybe we should call testing stable instead, if it's less broken.

Well, if testing was tested more before the freeze, then stable
would be less broken.

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