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Re: Ext-3 on Alpha - experience sought...

I've been using ext3 on my Alpha (AS 1000A) recently so I thought I'd share =)

> this sounds interesting. Want to share some experiences regarding Ext-3
> on Alphas ?
> Specifically, do you:
> - use journalling
> - use it on a SMP box

The box isn't SMP and I am using the journalling.

> And further, did  you try to test the journalling ( like turning off the
> machine in the middle
> of some disk-ops and restart it to see what happens ) ? Do you use large
> files ( >2Gbytes ) ?

I did some testing by hitting reset at random times while the disk was active 
and while it wasn't, I had mostly good sucess but I do think a file or two got 

> Is your Ext-3 under heavy load ?

I ran bonnie++ on it for a while, otherwise the box isn't really production so 
the normal load will be low.

> I'm planning on using Ext-3 on my UP2000 with kernel 2.4.1, as soon as I
> receive some
> positive news. I know of ReiserFS, but currently, it's not an option for
> me.

I wasn't aware of any 2.4.x patches for ext3 yet, I tried to get ReiserFS 
working but didn't have much luck, mainly because the 2.2 patches for Alpha 
were bad and the current gcc for Alpha chokes on the 2.4 DAC960 driver.

> The disks will be IDE drives with a little IDE to SCSI converter, to
> make them look like
> normal SCSI drives ( 80 Gig IDE drives are sooo much cheaper ;-)

Offtopic, but I'm curious where you got those, I wasn't aware of such a thing =)

> I *really* want some rock-solid journalling FS and I hope, it's going to
> be Ext-3, since it
> looks the most convincing of the current projects to me.

I actually did get the kernel to oops with 0.0.5e ext3 last night, the 0.0.6a 
patch was released recently so I have that running today, if it oopses for me 
too I'll mention it.


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