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Text mode resolution and ARC weirdness

First off my hardware is an AS1000A 4/266 128M, DE500-BA, Mylex DAC960PL, 
S3/Virge, obviously I'm using the S3 instead of the onboard EISA video, I can 
switch back if it'll help anything.

My main question is, is there a way to change the resolution of the console? I 
know on x86 you can use the vesafb and vga= kernel parameter to do this but 
havn't found a way on Alpha.

Secondly, recently ARC has stopped loading for me, which isn't a real problem 
since I boot from SRM, but I can't run the ECU or RCU from SRM or atleast I 
don't know how. If I type 'arc' from SRM it says it's loading ARC from firmware 
then hangs before it does the driver initialization. I do have he latest SRM 
and ARC available.


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