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Re: Why wouldn't gcc release build on Alpha ?

Hi !

> That's easy, just type: "apt-get source glibc".  It gets the original source,

Well, not that fast :-)

wit379215:/home/andrei# apt-get source glibc
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Sorry, you must put some 'source' uris in your sources.list

Will need to do some editing.

> Debian
> patch, signed file from the maintainer with both md5sums (".dsc"), and unpacks and
> patches the source.

?? - was the patch which Chris sent included already too,
or what patches do you mean - only those which were used
to compile the current glibc 2.2. in unstable ?


> All of the new packages have been put in debian/pool(/main/g/glibc).

Ok, now I can find it, many thanks for your help !

>  Some made it
> into woody/testing before the pool, but you'll notice there's nothing in sid/unstable,
> all of the Packages listings are either in the dists/woody, dists/potato or pool
> trees.
> Surf around a bit, look at Contents.gz and Packages(.gz) files,

I indeed looked in Packages, but the description seemed to be a bit short ?

> what you find may
> impress you.  Isn't Debian cool? :-)
> -Adam P.
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