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Re: Need help identifing a MB.

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Phillip Oleson wrote:

> After looking at retired system specs on compaq's site.. I'm fairly sure
> this is the guts of an AlphaServer 1200. For future info, Any ideas on 
> what system type this would be categorized under, in the kernel? TinCup?

I'll try to verify this tomorrow, but I agree...it sure does look like a
AlphaServer 1200 to me as well :-)  I think one of my coworkers has one
under his desk that's powered off, so it should be easy to tell.

It could be one of the other Rawhides, though...either way...

As for the kernel, try "rawhide" or, better yet, "generic".  The generic
systype should pick up on the exact revision ok, IIRC.  If not, try
rawhide, since both the AS1200 and the AS4100 are both in the rawhide

If you can get it to an SRM prompt, I can probably give you a few commands
to try, since SRM can probably give you more info on the board prior to
needing to find/make a kernel for it.


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