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Re: Why wouldn't gcc release build on Alpha ?

> Well, there aren't really any Debian-specific problems.  The C++/g++
> problems are an upstream issue.  I'll see if I can find the thread where
> it was discussed earlier before expounding on it here.

Ok, I'll try to look up myself too.

> > Well, google gives a rather long response to "Debian source package
> > glibc" query, and being rather new to Debian I don't know yet where
> > to get it, so please kindly send it to me.
> Will do...attached...

Thanks !
Well, google and dejanews aren't of the great help and my brain isn't
working at the end of the week :-( - would someone with a free minute
please kindly tell me where are Debian source packages so that
I'll be able to recompile glibc ?
I see source for 2.1.3 nearby:

but nothing like libc 2.2 in woody ? -
Thanks !

> C



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