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Re: compiler-options?


On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Stefan Schroepfer wrote:

> Kerstin, be careful! Using -mieee is a big burden if you
> don't really need it. This option definitely isn't
> necessary because of floating point calculations per se.
> The need for -mieee usually can be avoided in source code
> (if it boils down to denormals and one has the option to
> patch the sources).

Hmm, I know that the programmer of mrBayes owns an Alpha. If he
developped the program on that machine, there might be a certain chance
that he took care of the fpu-specifities and -mieee is not needed.

> > [...] I would recommend compiling them
> > with Compaq's compilers since they schedule code for EV5 and EV6 much
> > better than gcc probably ever will. [...]
> Yes, using Compaq's compilers is worth a try. But this
> decision is independent of the other (using IEEE software
> emulation on Alphas or not).

Actually, I had to use the Compaq Compilers, because this program
caused gcc to crash at one of its modules when optimization was used,
but I should recompile it without -ieee anyway.

Geee, just that moment the bug tracking system sent back my last
attempt to report that -On bug. It even sent it twice! There´s no way
but contacting the admin of the system, I guess.





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