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Re: sshd problem

On Thu 22 Feb 2001, Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:
> > I'm guessing nothing in ssh itself, but perhaps in libs / header files
> > it uses? (header files n/a if you have the same build of ssh giving
> > different results on different systems).
> That's what I'm thinking, although these two machines shouldn't be
> different (both updated daily).

A followup on bug #86908 gives a solution, or is it a workaround:

: This is related to the addition of libcap support to pam_limits.so, which is
: called from /etc/pam.d/ssh.  A workaround is to remove or comment out the
: session    required     pam_limits.so
: line in this file, but the fix ultimately needs to be made in the
: libpam-modules package, since pam_limits.so appears not to work on several
: architectures now.
: Steve Langasek
: postmodern programmer

And indeed, commenting that line out results in an
instantly working sshd.

Paul Slootman

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