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Re: trouble booting v2.4.1 of the kernel

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, James D. Freels wrote:

> I cannot seem to get v2.4.1 of the kernel to
> boot on my Debian 2.2 Alpha system.  It has 
> been recommended to me that I need to use egcs to 
> compile the kernel.  I currently use gcc 2.95.2-13 of
> the stable (potato) tree.  There exists v2.95.3-4 and 
> v2.95-3-5 of the testing and unstable trees 
> respectively.  However I cannot seem to find a
> current egcs package available on the Debian
> archive.  Will the newer v2.95.3 compile and 
> boot 2.4.1 of the kernel?

Yes, it will.  I have a 2.95.3-compiled 2.4.1 kernel that I've been
using to debug a scsi driver on a UP2000.  I don't usually run it for
long, but it does boot.

What config are you trying?


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