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RE: nfs

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> From: Michael Stroucken [mailto:stroucki@master.debian.org]
> On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, George A. Dowding wrote:
> > I am having a problem exporting a directory from Debin Linux Potato to
> > True 64 version 4.  Here is the error message I get.  Any suggestions?
> > saturn:/# mount -tnfs mazzy:/mnt/newhome /mnt/newhome
> > NFS3 RFS3_FSINFO failed for server mazzy : RPC: Program/version mismatch
> > mazzy on /mnt/newhome: I/O error
> 	I believe Linux doesn't do nfs3, so do -tnfs2 instead of -tnfs.
> Loads of problems we had at IBM with this too.

It does if you use knfsd (http://nfs.sourceforge.net) - if you are using
this you may wish to check out the NFS HOWTO on this site as its just been
heavily updated.

See section 8.3.2:

" 8.3.2. Linux Servers and Tru64 Unix Clients

There are two issues to watch out for here. First, Tru64 Unix mounts using
Version 3 NFS by default. You will see mount errors if your Linux server
does not support Version 3 NFS. Second, in Tru64 Unix 4.x, NFS locking
requests are made by daemon. You will therefore need to specify the
insecure_locks option on all volumes you export to a Tru64 Unix 4.x client;
see the exports man pages for details. "

Hope this helps


Marcus Williams - http://www.onq2.com

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