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Re: sshd no longer accepts connections

On Tue, Feb 13, 2001 at 01:36:04AM +1100, Rob B wrote:
> Further to my original posting, it would appear that the latest round of
> updates to my system have broken quite a few things.
> man-db_2.3.16-1.1_alpha.deb now refuses to show any "real" man pages:
> Typing man pam (for example) gives:
> Reformatting pam(8), please wait...
> sh: ../debian/tmp/usr/bin/zsoelim: No such file or directoy
> How do I back out updates that I made via apt-get?  Better still, how do I
> get man giving me man pages?

I worked around it by recompiling it:
apt-get --compile source man-db, and then doing a dpkg -i on the resulting
.deb file.  I had to do a hold in dselect as well, because otherwise it
wants to re-"upgrade" the package.

Gvim is similarly misbuilt...

I don't know the right way to ask for a rebuild of a package.

Jon Leonard

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