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Re: Why use an Alpha

Hi Rob,

I'm afraid you got to decide for yourself.
You are not paying anything for any support, right ?
So, which support are you asking for, exactly ??

As far as there won't be a large market of established
users, for any company to port to Alpha is just wasting
of employees' time, and employees do demand money
for their work - you aren't working for free, I guess :-) ?

The only thing to do is to get everything working ourselves,
as you said.

I really really find it disgusting that small Alpha camp is
further divided into tiny RH/Deb/Suse/FBSD/NBSD niches,
preventing from concentrating a few active developers
together, but that's the life :-(

And regarding "Why use an Alpha" - because it is fun :-)



Robert Martinovic wrote:

> I've gotten to the point where I'm thinking of selling my Alpha. Why?
> * Mozilla doesn't compile (anything after M17)
> * Support for Matrox Dual Head is so far non-existant
> * Kernel 2.4.1 DOES NOT WORK ON UP1000 using the Debian method - the other method I haven't tried
> * Do I need to keep going.
> This is not a whine from someone not prepared to help. It is a reflection on the situation we Alpha users, specifically Debian Alpha users have to deal with. No support apart from each other and no interest from anybody else.
> Who here agrees?
> And yeah, I've tried fixing everybuddy, but so far no success.

> Rob
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