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Re: Text mode resolution and ARC weirdness

Quoting Jay Estabrook <Jay.Estabrook@compaq.com>:

> I believe this can be done, but have never done it myself.
> I have used the FB code in the kernel on various controllers, TGA and
> Matrox at least, but not S3/ViRGE (I've no card). There were some
> problems I had to track down in those drivers' code, so it's quite
> possible the same would be true of any others.

I don't believe I saw a FB driver for S3, I'll have to look some more this 

> > Secondly, recently ARC has stopped loading for me, which isn't a
> > real problem since I boot from SRM, but I can't run the ECU or RCU
> > from SRM or atleast I don't know how. If I type 'arc' from SRM it
> > says it's loading ARC from firmware then hangs before it does the
> > driver initialization. I do have he latest SRM and ARC available.
> And you need ECU/RCU for what, configuring the DAC? That would be a
> problem; otherwise you'd only need ECU if you were mucking about with
> EISA cards, IIRC.

Originally I wanted to configure the DAC, but I ended up doing it from a x86 
box and the DOS utils from Mylex to get it up and running.

Also when it POSTs (correct term for SRM? =)) it complains about finding the 
DE500 in a slot where it expected nothing, it works but I just wanted to clear 
up the EISA config space if possible.

> Did ARC stop working when you added the ViRGE, or any other non-standard
> hardware (hoping it's that simple :-)?

No, ARC worked fine for a while with all the cards in it, I was mucking around 
with different versions of SRM/ARC to see if I could get SRM to see the Mylex 
with the newest SRM (it seems to only work with the revision before last) but 
ended up just putting the latest one back and booting from the onboard QLogic.

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