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Re: weird error messages

On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 02:34:58PM +0100, Paul Slootman wrote:
> I've identified a couple of places where this needed to be done.
> I've put up a test version (1.7-2.alpha.1) of snort at
> http://www.murphy.nl/~paul/debian/snort/ ; the deb itself is
> http://www.murphy.nl/~paul/debian/snort/snort_1.7-2.alpha.1_alpha.deb
> Please give any feedback (esp. any remaining unaligned accesses;
> the first hex number is important in finding the place in the
> source where the problem is).  I may have introduced some wierdness
> somewhere, so also please check it's still doing what it should be :-)
> There may still be an unaligned access if you have token ring (yeah,
> right, like anyone still uses IP over token ring on an alpha :-)


I'm not getting unaligned accesses anymore and snort seems
to work properly :=)

clara.net Fr systemes/reseaux

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