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Re: XAnim & plugins

On Sat, 17 Feb 2001 doug@ties.org wrote:

> I have submitted bug #86376 to the Debian bug-tracking system,
> claiming that the xanim plugins no longer work on Alpha.  These
> plugins are the closed-source, NDA'd, binary-distribution portion of
> xanim, that allows it to use fairly modern video codecs.

As upstream has noted, it's probably a glibc version issue.

>   Most likely they need to be recompiled and to do so I'd need to
>   get an up-to-date linux/alpha cross compiler(using the current
>   libc used by most linux/alpha) and that would run on a linux/x86
>   libc6 system and a volunteer to test the results.

Ack!  Tell him not to do this.  Cross-compiling from a 32-bit arch
to a 64-bit arch is a no-no, generally.  Even if he could get the
modules cross-compiled on i386, they may/may not work very well (if
at all) on Alpha.  I could launch into a technical discussion on
this, but I'd rather not :-)

>   It's unfortunate that every rev of libc and glibc are not
>   compatible with each other. I hope they stabilize at some 
>   point.

In reality, it may not necessarily be a glibc issue...could be
toolchain as well (especially if they're dealing with libstdc++).
I agree, in general, though...more consistency would be nice.

> I would build such a cross-compiler for him but have no experience in
> the matter and no way of testing it.  I am more than willing to test
> the results of the recompiled plugins.

Are the modules only available in pre-compiled form?  If not, I'd be
happy to compile them for him and so that you can test them.

> Once this is done, we can all enjoy watching Quicktime and AVI movies
> on our Alphas.

That would be VERY nice :-)


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