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Re: Ext-3 on Alpha - experience sought...

> Hi,
> > [...]
> > I don't know who made them, I'm borrowing them for a while from a Network
> > Appliance box, so they all report themselves at NetAPP disks, though I'm
> > guessing NetAPP didn't really make them (as another note I have the array
> > setup with ext3, and so far things are going well).
> this sounds interesting. Want to share some experiences regarding Ext-3 on Alphas ?
> Specifically, do you:
> - use journalling

Yes, the only problem is that the docs state the max journal size is
100MB and I don't know if that's really enough for 400Gig, there's no good
reference yet!

> - use it on a SMP box

Yes, this is on a dual CS20 833MHz.

> And further, did  you try to test the journalling ( like turning off the machine in the middle
> of some disk-ops and restart it to see what happens ) ? Do you use large files ( >2Gbytes ) ?
> Is your Ext-3 under heavy load ?

It's a news server, not a full feed though. We're using about 100 of the
400Gig so far. I have not pulled the plug with it feeding yet. Though I
did run some tests on a smaller array before this and didn't come across
any problems. Since it's news I'll say we're not getting anywhere near 2GB

> I'm planning on using Ext-3 on my UP2000 with kernel 2.4.1, as soon as I receive some
> positive news. I know of ReiserFS, but currently, it's not an option for me.

Yikes, that's living on the edge. Are there ext3 patches for 2.4.x
yet? I'm running 2.2.19pre7 plus a few other patches. ReiserFS in 2.4.1
(+) should be OK on UP alpha (not SMP though).

> The disks will be IDE drives with a little IDE to SCSI converter, to make them look like
> normal SCSI drives ( 80 Gig IDE drives are sooo much cheaper ;-)
> I *really* want some rock-solid journalling FS and I hope, it's going to be Ext-3, since it
> looks the most convincing of the current projects to me.

this was with 0.0.5e...I think. Not the 0.0.6 that somebody just

> Excuse: I know, this is not a debian/alpha issue, strictly speaking, but IMHO, this might
> be of interest for a lot of debian/alpha users.
> Sorry, if this mail is of annoyance to anybody on this list - this was not intended.
> Regards,
> Thomas


Rich Payne
rpayne@alphalinux.org			www.alphalinux.org

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