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Re: java development on alpha

>>>>> "HF" == HAUGUET Francis <HAUGUET@iie.cnam.fr> writes:

    HF> I have developped a few things on Alpha with Java.  I use the
    HF> package Kaffe wich is pretty smart for practically every basic
    HF> operation (i succesfully made a chat applet and the server)
    HF> But, i don't know if it's really java-1.1.8 compliant.  At
    HF> least, it is java 1.1.2 compliant but not 1.2 compliant.
    HF> Kaffe is on one of the debian CD if i remember well.

    HF> Hope this can help and, please, excuse my weird english.

Hey, pas de quoi and stuff. This is great news.

So, last time I tried Kaffe on Debian on Alpha, it blew up in a
million directions. What versions of Kaffe, Debian, Linux kernel and
etc. were you using?


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