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Re: Debian Alpha install CD ignoring QLogic 2200 card ?

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your help.

I'm curious, by "the driver", do you mean the Alpha object code,
or source code ?

I can only see from their site:

                                                                 Links to Drivers


                                                                 Link to Source

where #1 and I think #2 are x86 only, when Readme tells
"1. OS Support

This driver works with RedHat Linux 6.2 which is Linux kernel version
2.2.14-5.0 (x86) operating system. Earlier or later versions of RedHat
Linux are not supported in this release. The modules included in this
release will load on RedHat 6.2 only. However, the source code is also
provided to compile your own version of the driver should it be

I'm after the last sentence and #3, I guess :-) ?

To the list - is there anyone how compiled this driver under
Debian Alpha and can share their experience - i.e., is it
flawless or requires some fixes in the process ?



> There's no driver for the QLA2200 in the kernel (at least not 2.2.x, don't
> know about 2.4.x). You'll need to get the driver from www.qlogic.com
> --rdp

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