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Driver disk series


I started a reinstall of Debian, using the floppy method,
and in the process I wanted to move from Potato to Woody. 
I downloaded the disk images from the Potato tree since 
I couldn't find any "disks-alpha" directory under Woody.

The installation goes nicely up to the point where it asks for 
the first drivers disk. When I insert the disk with the image of 
driver-1.bin written to it, it says it's the wrong disk. I have tried 
to download and write the file to the disk several times to 
make sure it wasn't corrupted. 

The error message goes something like this:

"Looking for driver series alpha64_generic. 
 This is driver series alpha64_generic. 
 Please insert series driver."

which doesn't make much sence to me at all.

Any hints as to what might be the problem  here would be 
greatly appreciated.

- IT

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