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Re: Need help identifing a MB.

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, Phillip Oleson wrote:

> I was graciously gifted with some parts to a new alpha system. 
> I'm trying to track down what system board this thing is, so I
> can track down the rest of the necessary parts. 
> Anyways, if anyone can tell me what type of an alpha system
> this MB is I'd appreciate it.
> L8 5025146-01 D01

Is there any way that you can post a picture of the board somewhere and/or
try to find out the manufacturer of the board?  Most Alpha boards do have
their board type screened on them somewhere..if not, at least who produced
them.  That would help narrow it down.  Also, any details like numbers of
PCI and ISA slots, etc, would help also (esp any processor info that you
might be able to figure out).


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