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Re: Why wouldn't gcc release build on Alpha ?


Moving a bit further ...

Adam C Powell IV wrote:


> That's easy, just type: "apt-get source glibc".  It gets the original source, Debian
> patch, signed file from the maintainer with both md5sums (".dsc"), and unpacks and
> patches the source.
> If you want it to automatically build, just add "-b" or "--compile" after apt-get,
> though you'll have to fakeroot if you're building as a normal user.

Yeah, now I'm getting complain that certain "dkpg-source" is not found,
and my attempts to try "apt-get install dkpg*" end up with error trying
to install dkpg-www.

Google gives only two matches for dkpg-source, surprisingly,
both just reporting the same error I'm seeing :-(

Anyone can kindly advice me on this mystical command ?


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