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Question on SETI software...

Just a quick question for the list....

I realize this does *not* directly relate to the kernel for alphas but:

The version 2.4 SETI client had been running on my two alpha machines until
the SETI program upgraded to version 3.03 (and of course they did not have
the alpha version ready yet when they switched off the 2.4 version)...

Has anyone heard when the 3.03 package might be ready or does anyone know a
good contact for them (did not find an email address to send a request)??

(they have what appears to be a 3.03 version download for the alpha *BUT*
either they have used wrong info in the compile - still reports version 2.4
and tries to connect to the wrong SETI database server) or someone pulled a
real boo-boo and compiled the wrong version [DUH].... I don't think they did
a real blunder and just copied the old 2.4 version over and renamed it to
3.03 (the date is 05 Feb 2001 on the new file) but one can sometimes

Since this list has a very diverse group working on the debian alpha project
I figured someone here may have a contact or two over at the SETI project



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